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[unknown]Usenet groups within forum.connectivity from
Usenet newsgroups within "forum.connectivity", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: forum.connectivity
Downloads: 22
Stand alone personal computers were great, for a while, but soon it became important to connect individual PCs to share files, applications, and peripherals. This program looked at some early connectivity solutions. Included are demonstrations of NetWare Lite from Novell, the AE-3 Ethernet Adaptor from Artisoft, Microcom's LAN Bridge 6000, Newport Systems' LAN2LAN Mega Router, Chatterbox 4000, cc:Mail, the Compsphere 3800 Modem, and the Wireless WAN from Tetherless Access Ltd...
Keywords: networks; LAN; connectivity
Downloads: 4,414 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[unknown]Usenet groups within eug.local from
Usenet newsgroups within "eug.local", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords:; eug.local.connectivity; eug.local.activists
Downloads: 33
[software]Trumpet Winsock -
This is designed for Windows 95/98 users and is compatible with several applications including Netscape, Internet Explorer, CUTE FTP, WS_FTP and Eudora.
Keywords: Trumpet Winsock; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; Trumpet Winsock; Networking; Connectivity
Downloads: 222
[texts]11. Maths IJMCAR On The Connectivity Of KENCHAPPA S BETAGERI
In this paper we discuss some theorems about pseudorandom graphs by Krivelevitch and Sudakov [1] and generalized them on the basis of edge-connectivity, vertex-connectivity of graph G through an eigenvalue. Here, we give a solution for the question raised in [1], for what are the possible values of second Laplacian eigenvalue of graphs on n vertices with an cut-vertex?
Keywords: Eigenvalues; Edge-Connectivity; Vertex-Connectivity and Pseudorandom Graphs
Downloads: 4
[software]iSpeed -
This program allows you to modify default network TCP/IP settings to improve throughput.
Keywords: iSpeed; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; iSpeed; Web Accelerators; Connectivity
Downloads: 856
[software]NetView -
This is a TCP/IP local network manager. It uses hostlist file in which all hosts in the network can be enumerated and shows even if master browser in your network cannot be found. Is has a built-in netsearcher, IP/port scanner, netwatcher, and port listener (works only on NT based systems). Traceroute can create a network map automatically. The program can show a host list as a simple list or as visual map with images, texture, lines and areas...
Keywords: NetView; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; NetView
Downloads: 108
[software]NetRanger -
This network configuration and information toolkit contains a ping tool, trace route tool, host lookup tool, Internet time synchronizer, Whois tool, Finger Unix hosts tool, host and port scanning tool, multiple POP3 mail accounts checking tool, manage dialup connections tool, quote of the day tool and monitor network settings tool. All tools are integrated in an application interface with online help...
Keywords: NetRanger; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; NetRanger
Downloads: 77
[software]eZ -
This network application provides real-time channels of communications for visually sharing and synchronizing interactions with document information over peer-to-peer networks. It allows people separated by distance to visually connect with each other to review, share and mark up electronic documents. Supported document types include PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG, GIF and AutoCAD.
Keywords: eZ; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; eZ
Downloads: 97
[software]NetViewer -
Using file-hostlist allows you to see all hosts, even when the WINS/DNS server is down. It provides plugin support and visual themes support. You can open hosts both by IP or by hostname, and open FTP and HTTP servers You can also apply individual recheck settings for hosts. It hosts never-hang-up systems. By default NetView checks hostlist every 20 min, but it can be changed. Also you can use different recheck settings for different hosts...
Keywords: NetViewer; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; NetViewer
Downloads: 163
[movies]Low Cost LANs
With standalone PC's showing up in every office and in many homes, the big challenge became connecting computers in a local area network. This program looks at several low cost solutions to building a LAN. Demonstrations include LANtastic, LANsmart, Lotus Notes, 10Net Plus, and TOPS LAN. Originally broadcast in 1989.
Keywords: local area network; LAN; connectivity
Downloads: 1,479
[software]DialerSpy -
This free software helps control modem connections. During the connection process, DialerSpy shows statistics for a connection, and provides the name and phone number to which you are connected. It provides a tray icon and will monitor applications on-the-fly that use the modem. It informs you of all attempts to make a connection and asks if the connection should be established.
Keywords: DialerSpy; Internet; Connectivity; Modem dialers (DUN); DialerSpy
Downloads: 90
[software]ConnectFusion -
This download manager launches multiple threads to the remote server. It supports a resume feature and is capable of restarting a broken download due to a lost connection.
Keywords: ConnectFusion; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; Connect Fusion
Downloads: 116
[software]InstantGet -
This download manager and accelerator splits files into multiple sections, downloading each simultaneously to increase speed by up to five times. Downloaded files can be searched by URL, file name or comment. The program supports FTP and HTTP protocols, proxy servers, file redirects, cookies and directories with authorization. The program integrates with Internet Explorer to automatically handle your downloads and can monitor the clipboard...
Keywords: InstantGet; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; InstantGet
Downloads: 79
[software]DownShift -
This progam enhances your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, easy error recovery and download acceleration to give you faster and more flexible downloads.
Keywords: DownShift; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; DownShift
Downloads: 73
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.g-ming from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.g-ming", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.g-ming.connectivity.stopdying.stopdying.stopdying
Downloads: 23
[movies]Search for Divisibility, Comparability, Connectivity, Sensitivity, Transformability, Substitutability, and Satisfiability - Sivashanmugam, President of Intellectual Development Foundation
According modern professional scientific intellects: 1. Science never searches for divisibility. 2. Science never searches for comparability. 3. Science never searches for connectivity. 4. Science never searches for sensitivity. 5. Science never searches for transformability. 6. Science never searches for substitutability. 7. Science never searches for satisfiability.
Keywords: Divisibility; Comparability; Connectivity; Sensitivity; Transformability; Substitutability; Satisfiability
Downloads: 18
[software]Freealer -
This modem dialer comes with dial-up statistics, multiple phone numbers, auto-reconnect, ping and speed limit.
Keywords: Freealer; Internet; Connectivity; Modem dialers (DUN); freealer
Downloads: 240
[software]RASMaster -
This program combines an Internet reconnection tool, an IP notifier, a dial-up scheduler and a keep-alive tool in a single utility. The keep-alive feature simulates Internet activity to keep your Internet provider from disconnecting you, while the reconnection tool will automatically re-dial your connection if you are disconnected. With the IP notifier, notifications can be sent through e-mail, e-mail pages, Web pages or scripts...
Keywords: RASMaster; Internet; Connectivity; Modem dialers (DUN)
Downloads: 60
[software]LoadScout -
This program allows you to retrieve information from media and archive files on the Web without downloading them. It takes only a small part of a file and extracts the required data. The program integrates with Internet Explorer, so you can launch it right from the browser window. LoadScout also includes a powerful download engine, so you can access several files simultaneously and complete unfinished downloads.
Keywords: LoadScout; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; LoadScout
Downloads: 128
[software]DownloadStudio -
This Internet download manager can get just about anything on the Web. Download files, programs, pictures, audio, and video. Unlike other download managers that just download single files, DownloadStudio can download complete Web sites, complete FTP sites, pictures from Web sites, and streaming audio and video.
Keywords: DownloadStudio; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; DownloadStudio
Downloads: 129
[software]Magitime -
This is an online monitoring tool that tracks expense and data transfers. It provides statistics and information about Internet connections with PPP and SLIP standards, and keeps account of your online expense with 20 customizable conditions. It also supports networks based connectivities like LAN, DSL and broadband. It includes additional utilities that enable you to track network based connectivities...
Keywords: Magitime; Internet; Connectivity; Online timers; Magitime
Downloads: 349 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]WinGate -
This program lets you connect many LAN users to the Internet over a single dial-up link. You can run browsers, e-mail, news, FTP and Telnet without the expense of setting up routers, or installing and running additional phone lines. The program also offers anti-virus protection, a complete VPN solution, content filtering, and a built-in e-mail server.
Keywords: WinGate; Internet; Connectivity; Modem sharing; WinGate
Downloads: 169
[software]WackGet -
This download manager maintains a queue of files and downloads them in the order that you specify.
Keywords: WackGet; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; wackget
Downloads: 320
[software]Fresh Download -
This program keeps logs of downloads you've made and speed up the process. You can set a default download location, maximum number of downloads at a time, number of simultaneous connections via HTTP and FTP, and retry time.
Keywords: Fresh Download; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; FreshDownload
Downloads: 138
[software]TimeUp -
This is an online timer that keeps track of the time spent on the Internet. Features include calculating your phone bill, warning if maximum time online is reached, an icon in the system tray that recognizes all Internet connections and much more.
Keywords: TimeUp; Internet; Connectivity; Online timers; TimeUp
Downloads: 115
[texts]4. Mathematics IJMCAR On Eccentric Connectivity Index A. JAYENTHI
The eccentric connectivity index based on degree and eccentricity of the vertices of a graph is a widely used graph invariant in mathematics. In this paper we present the explicit generalized expression for the eccentric connectivity index of the subdivision graph of some special graphs.
Keywords: Eccentricity; Eccentric Connectivity Index; Subdivision Graph
Downloads: 3
[software]Naja -
This download manager supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5 and uses authentication methods. You can split larger files for downloading.
Keywords: Naja; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; Naja
Downloads: 93
[software]SurfStream -
This collection of Internet tools blocks both pop-up windows and banner ads from your Internet browser. It also contains a proxy server to boost your Web browsing speed. A tune up feature lets you automatically optimize your computer's TCP/IP settings and check the speed of your Internet connection. A bookmark manager lets you organize and check all your Internet Explorer favorites. An Internet time synchronizer keeps you computer's clock accurate.
Keywords: SurfStream; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; SurfStream
Downloads: 106
[software]MyProxy -
This Internet accelerator has an ad filter and a cache.
Keywords: MyProxy; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; MyProxy
Downloads: 139
[software]Throttle -
This tool lets you modify your modem settings to increase Internet performance up to 200 percent. No modifications to your hardware are made. The program will also modify your modem settings to handle disconnections and hang-ups so they happen less often.
Keywords: Throttle; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; Throttle
Downloads: 126
[software]ONSPEED -
This program provides broadband-like speeds for dial-up connections. ONSPEED also increases the speed of broadband.
Keywords: ONSPEED; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; ONSPEED
Downloads: 1,333
[movies]Transforming Ourselves, Transforming The World - ARI Films
The World Wisdom Council – scientists, spiritual leaders and academia come together to show that global change is a result of experiencing connectivity as an integral intelligence.
Keywords: globalization; transformation; connectivity; integral; intelligence; ego; interdependency
Downloads: 54
[software]WinGate VPN -
This VPN software incorporates VPN encryption and other VPN security technologies with access management features into one scalable VPN solution that is compatible with virtually any network setup. By offering flexible license types and setup and maintenance, this program provides a private network to organizations with branch offices, remote business partners, traveling employees or home-workers.
Keywords: WinGate VPN; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; WinGate VPN
Downloads: 518
[software]Port Magic -
This automatically configures your home network router for gaming and file-sharing. It automatically manages port forwarding, notifies you when applications are trying to access the Internet through a simple instant messaging-style interface. The program ensures the security of your network by closing ports when youre not playing a game.
Keywords: Port Magic; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; Port Magic
Downloads: 1,673
[software]MultiNetwork Manager -
Allows users to facilitate connections to client networks, the Internet, corporate Wide Area Networks, and local resources such as file servers and printers at remote locations regardless of where they are working. MultiNetwork Manager provides auto-detection, wizard guidance, context sensitive help, and network settings and profile manager.
Keywords: MultiNetwork Manager; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; MultiNetwork Manager
Downloads: 192
[audio]Superior-Connectivity-at-LA-and-NY-Data-Centers - Shawn Jacobs
Colocation America, a leading colocation server hosting company, announced its global communications network with its greatest quality connectivity yet. Colocation America routes the majority of its national and international communications through its One Wilshire (Los Angeles) and 60 Hudson (New York City) data centers, preeminent hubs for international communication. One Wilshire and 60 Hudson are two of the world's leading connection points and with Colocation America's premium bandwidth ble...
Keywords: colocation_connectivity; colocation; colocation_hosting; hosting_services
Downloads: 19
[software]DUN Manager -
This program includes single-click connection startup and hangup, a flashing online icon and automatic disconnect options. You can monitor up to nine simultaneous connections or ISDN channels and start VPN calls while through a dial-up connection. Automatic disconnection options are also supported.
Keywords: DUN Manager; Internet; Connectivity; Modem dialers (DUN); DUN Manager; Modem Dialers; Connectivity
Downloads: 49
[software]EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity -
This software detects network and server failures, and sends alerts if certain hosts are down.
Keywords: EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity; Internet; Monitoring; Server; EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity
Downloads: 31
[software]Any Speed -
This program reports the speed of your connection in a graphical format. You can also perform speed tests on local drives, including your CD-ROM.
Keywords: Any Speed; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; Any Speed; Web Accelerators; Connectivity
Downloads: 54
[texts]1. Comp Sci IJCSE Distributed Connectivity Of Mobile Apps Tanul Bhain
In today’s advancing technology it has become difficult for the latest technologies to use legacy applications for data retrieval or for business invocation. With mobile phones having continuously updating their operating systems (OS) which are based either on windows, IOS or Android, old technology such as mainframe is becoming obsolete. Today’s current technology demands the usage of legacy application with distributed connectivity so other frameworks can also use the business modules wit...
Keywords: Android; Mainframe; JAVA Servlet; Distributed Connectivity; Android Connectivity with Legacy Application
Downloads: 3
[software]Download Wonder -
This program helps you organize files as they are downloaded from the Internet. It enhances the download process by adding the ability to download faster, resume interrupted partial downloads, intuitively organize downloads, manage simultaneous downloads, and maintain your Internet and AOL connections while downloading files. The program manages all aspects of file downloads, and does so independently from the browser...
Keywords: Download Wonder; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; Download Wonder; Download Managers; Connectivity
Downloads: 137
[software]ReGet Junior -
This program automatically picks up your download links and jots them down. You can add, start, stop, pause, delete and view the log on selected downloads. It also shows you the size of your downloads and how quickly they are being transferred to your computer. It supports English and Russian languages.
Keywords: ReGet Junior; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; ReGet Junior
Downloads: 85
[software]Modem Logger -
This program allows you to keep track of how long you have spent online. You can also set it to calculate how much money you have spent online. It also calculate costs if your ISP charges different rates based on the time of day and will warn you before the next charge rate is going to be applied.
Keywords: Modem Logger; Internet; Connectivity; Online timers; Logger; ras; Internet; Timer
Downloads: 60
[software]IE Secure Master -
This program clears cookies, your cache, your history and passwords. You can use it to configure cable and ADSL connections for better performance. It will also repair system setup and protect regedit.
Keywords: IE Secure Master; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; IE Secure Master
Downloads: 57
[software]Direct dial -
This allows you to dial remotely and share your modem. You can track your online time and cost, display your online status, and take advantage of the SMTP server auto relay.
Keywords: Direct dial; Internet; Connectivity; Modem sharing; remotedialer; remote dialer
Downloads: 51
[software]Pingoman network monitor -
This is a network monitor with a server service and client application.
Keywords: Pingoman network monitor; Internet; Connectivity; Networking; Pingoman network monitor
Downloads: 59
[software]Star Downloader -
This is a download accelerator that can increase download speeds. The acceleration is achieved by splitting the file into several parts and downloading each of them at the same time. Download speeds are further increased by downloading the file from the fastest mirror sites available. You can automatically resume broken downloads if your connection is lost or if your computer accidently shuts down...
Keywords: Star Downloader; Internet; Connectivity; Web accelerators; stardownloader; star downloader
Downloads: 142
[software]ReGet Pro -
This download manager offers download acceleration, resumption of broken downloads, and integration with all popular browsers.
Keywords: ReGet Pro; Internet; Connectivity; Download managers; ReGet Pro
Downloads: 59
[software]ComSocks -
This program allows you to share your Internet connection with your entire network. It supports VPN connections using the PPTP and IPSec (IKE and ESP) protocols, transparent NAT connection sharing, port mapping and connection logging, and a wide range of daemons including HTTP, e-mail, SOCKS 4/5, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Telnet and RealAudio.
Keywords: ComSocks; Internet; Servers; Proxy; ComSocks; Modem Sharing; Connectivity
Downloads: 111
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